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Landowner Considerations for Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Contracts

Landowners should carefully weigh the  potential  benefits and drawbacks  of leasing their land  for renewable energy...

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Farmland Value Update

Our expectation is that we will continue to see good competition for the best quality land, with market participants who use a very sharp pencil to determine how far they will go in pursuit of new farmland acquisitions. 

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Grain Markets

The corn and soybean markets continue to experience significant volatility. Agriculture has been fortunate to experience strong commodity prices for the past several years, and U.S. corn and soybean yields have been relatively consistent during that period. Fortunately, demand for those commodities has also been strong.

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Investment in Wealth for Generations

Landowners Edward Otrusina and Julie Smith believe they’ve found the key to stewardship with one simple yet powerful approach: “Leave it better than you found it.” Today, this guiding principle has helped the siblings establish a sustainable family legacy that will endure for years to come.

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June 2023 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

 Looking ahead to summer and fall sales, the outlook is slightly more uncertain.  While old crop grain is still very valuable with a strong basis in most Iowa regions, new crop grain prices have weakened recently and margins are tighter.

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5 Conversations to Have with Your Farm Operator

Part of what we do as farm managers is work to keep an open dialogue with our farm operators so we can stay up-to-date with our properties. However, if you don’t have a farm manager, it’s up to you as a landowner to have those conversations. But if you don’t have an agriculture background, it can be difficult to know what conversations are critical.

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Podcast: 2023 Planting Update

The latest episode of Hertz Ag Talk is online.  I’m joined by four different Hertz Farm Management offices from across the Midwest to get an update on planting progress. Scott Arens from the Norfolk, NE location, Clint Kaller from Nevada , IA, Carrie Seidel at Mason City, IA, and Steve Hiniker from our Mankato, MN office all join me for the discussion.  

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