Building Wealth Across Generations

For over 75 years, Hertz Farm Management has been a premier farmland asset management company in the Midwest serving as a trusted partner to generations of farmland owners. We specialize in professional farm management, land acquisitions, farm appraisals as well as farm real estate sales, auctions and acquisitions.

With 14 offices throughout the Midwest, Hertz manages over 3,000 farms consisting of more than 653,000 acres with an estimated value of $6 billion. Our real estate team brokered over $1.6 billion in farmland transactions over the last 3 years.

75 years of Professional Farm Management Experience

  • Strong presence across key region of the Midwest allow opportunity to diversify by geography
  • Extensive network of clients and operators provides proprietary access to off-market opportunities
  • Professional managers identify top growers to enhance performance and achieve competitive rents
  • Focus on environmental best practices and sustainable management
  • Multiple operating/leasing strategies provide opportunity to maximize risk-adjusted income potential



Farmland Investment Opportunity

  • Farmland is a proven investment
  • Strong fundamentals for investment continue for real assets with strong demand and limited availability
  • Growing global demand of agriculture food products
  • While farmland values follow commodity price trends, they have shown resilience in recent years (see illustration below)
  • Farmland prices did not  weaken to the extent corn and soybeans prices did
  • Relatively low investor penetration; high barriers to entry
  • Attractive risk-adjusted return profile
  • Technology advancements provide opportunity to improve yields and operator economics
  • Annual income return combined with long term capital growth
  • Provide exposure to commodity markets without the short-term volatility
  • Cash lease agreements transfers short term weather and crop production risk from the land owner to the operator


Farmland Investment Fund

Grainfield Capital Management offers high net worth investors, family offices, and advisors serving affluent individuals the opportunity to include farmland in investment portfolios. Click below to learn more.




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