Grain Marketing


The skills involved in marketing today encompass more than a general outlook of the agricultural economy. Successful producers analyze their ability to carry risk and develop a disciplined strategy to market their commodities.

Marketing Committee

Hertz Farm Management utilizes a marketing committee to formulate a marketing plan tailored towards the individual goals and objectives of the owner. The committee's purpose is to remove emotion from our decision making process as well as customize our objectives to a more personalized approach for each farm. The objectives are reviewed by conference call every two weeks and updated as market conditions change. The committee also makes production estimates as to the size of the domestic and world crops which ultimately effect the price received.

Every Client is Different

We realize every client is different in terms of personality, risk preference, understanding of the futures market, and size of the crop produced. It is important to evaluate risk-carrying ability, the availability of on-the-farm storage, and our anticipation of market direction. We maintain a goal of selling the client's crop in the upper one-third of the market. It is important to note that a crop is usually not all sold at one time, but marketed during different time periods and rallies. A marketing plan is developed for each crop year before planting. Up to one-half of the crop may be forward contracted to take advantage of higher prices offered prior to planting.

Farm Managers

Hertz Farm Management has what we feel are the best trained and most knowledgeable farm managers in the industry. Our managers are comfortable with market alternatives and can customize a marketing plan to fit the goals and objectives of each landowner.