Building Wealth Across Generations

Hertz Farm Management, founded by Carl Hertz in 1946, is driven by our core values of providing the highest level of service, advice, communication and commitment with integrity and care.

Today, we continue to help families preserve their agricultural legacies, offering guidance on matters such as succession planning, asset valuation, and estate settlements.


Professional Farm Management

Hertz Farm Management offers specialized farm management services that cater to landowners who are not directly involved in farming.

With our personalized and professional approach, we serve as farm asset managers, diligently handling all the details required to fulfill your specific goals and objectives. By relying on our hands-on business expertise, we deliver the tailored management service you need.


Farmland Real Estate

The Hertz Farm Management and Hertz Real Estate Services team specializes in farmland sales, auctions, acquisitions and exchanges.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry, we offer a seamless experience, guiding you through the process of acquiring or selling farmland, ensuring your investment goals are met. Unlock the possibilities with Hertz as we assist you in finding and selling land for sale near you.



Agricultural Appraisals

Hertz Appraisal Services delivers top-notch agricultural valuations! Our certified farmland appraisers listen to understand, and then tailor our services to your situation. We specialize in well-supported farm appraisals and have designed our reports to be easily understood.

If you need a valuation of agricultural property, we would love the chance to visit with you.

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