Appraisals from Experts in Agricultural Real Estate

When you need to know the value of your farm property, will your appraisal be performed by someone who has the specialized knowledge necessary to understand and track trends and the influences on value?

The farmland market is volatile and complex. It takes someone who is involved with the market, studies it every day and is able to tap into reliable information sources to perform an accurate appraisal. You need an appraiser who specializes in the agricultural real estate segment.

Hertz Appraisal Services offers the focus and expertise required to appraise agricultural properties across the Midwest.

Hertz Appraisal Services Delivers

  • Professionalism: Hertz appraisers are professional in dealing with clients, landowners, and farm operators. We realize that our appraisers and appraisal reports reflect on our company and our clients.

  • Market Knowledge: Our certified appraisers have access to offices across the Midwest that list and sell farmland. They keep a close eye on trends as well as buyer and seller attitudes so they can support their appraisals with unparalleled knowledge of farm values.

  • Easily Understood Reports: Our appraisal formats have evolved into custom documents tailored to specific clients and needs. We make our reports logical and easily understood. We also anticipate questions or challenges and address them in the appraisal.

  • Reasonable Fees: A good appraisal from a well informed appraiser can save far more than the cost of the appraisal itself. Our appraisals are well supported, well organized and tailored to each client’s needs, so they provide high value at a fair price.

  • Prompt Service: Time can be a critical factor in real estate transactions. We meet appraisal completion deadlines.

Hertz Appraisal Services / Hertz Farm Management and your Hertz Farmland Professional understand that your farmland holds not only financial but also personal value. Because they recognize the importance of your relationship with your land, they are in a unique position to offer the objective guidance you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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