July 2020 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

Surprising to some, is that the farmland market as reflected by land values, has kept its legs under it through most of the past three to four months. Yes, the number of sales occurring this spring has been down market wide. Periods of great uncertainty will do that to a market. But the fact that sales volume was down has seemed to support the sales that are occurring.

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How Do I Know What My Farm is Worth?

Understanding the value or potential price of your farm is important. Whether the ultimate user of that information is you or others, having an accurate number will be crucial to making wise decisions.

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Understanding COVID-19 Impacts on Agriculture

We’ve been fielding inquiries about how all this disruption and societal motion is impacting the various aspects of agriculture. So, let us share some reflections regarding what all of this may mean for landowners in the months – and potentially, years – to come.

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Grain Markets: Historic Impact of COVID-19

Managing price risk and maximizing production will be critical for profit margins again in 2020.

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June 2020 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

And even in the face of gathering storm clouds in the form of low commodities, ethanol weakness, and livestock sector disruptions, the farmland market is largely keeping its collective head about it.

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Drainage Tile: What you need to know

Tile drainage is a management system the removes excess water from soil below the surface. This type of drainage system helps bring soil moisture levels down for optimal crop growth. 

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May 2020 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

In my mind, beyond the legitimate health concerns, the biggest impact to our way of life may be rooted in the word “confidence”. Is it now safe to go to the store for groceries and supplies? Can kids and staff safely return to schools? When will worship at local churches return to some semblance of normal? Is now the time to buy into the stock market? Should I buy a farm? It all runs on confidence!

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