Grain market

Grain Markets: Uncertainty & Opportunities

We remain optimistic that these trade issues will be resolved which will be positive for agriculture and commodity prices.

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Winter 2019 Farmland Value Update

Some broad factors– based on location–play a huge role in determining value. And here at Hertz, we observe these broad macro-level movements, including those described below across Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska.

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A Foundation for the Future

On Thursday, January 29, the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines worked with Hertz to help sell a 200-acre farm in Calhoun County, Iowa at public auction. The farm was a generous gift to support the charitable interests of landowners, Steve and Linda Weitz. The farm ended up selling for a grand total of $1,792,000.

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Winter blog

December 2019 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

There are some years that folks are just happy to put behind them, and 2019 is one of them. A slow and late fall harvest has represented a microcosm of the entire year. Delayed crop planting in the spring, followed by a somewhat mild summer in which crops were slow to mature, positioned the late harvest start. Then, regular rains early in harvest delayed normal late-September and October harvest progress. Not to be outdone, legit snow in late October across the Corn Belt further complicated things. It’s been a tough year, and for many, it’s not quite over yet.

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November 2019 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

 The early fall farmland sales market across the State of Iowa has shown great resilience – and perhaps more strength than some market observers expected.

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October 2019 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

Normally by this time, we’ve already seen combines start to nose their way into fields across rural America but this year, everything has been just a little different. Later. Harder. And wetter. While every year is different, 2019 has been more different than most, and there’s likely to be some impact on the Iowa land market as we look back.

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September 2019 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

 What does this fall have in store for Iowa and rural America? There are many factors in play simultaneously; and all this simultaneous motion seems to make the world spin that much faster. How will these factors impact the Iowa farmland market, as we approach the fall sales season?

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