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February 2021 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

And while the December release of the annual Iowa State Land Values release reflected a 1.7% increase in average land values, if you go into any coffee-shop across Iowa, I think you will hear discussion of a market that “feels” stronger than 1.7%.

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Recent Hertz Sales Surpass Expectations

In-depth knowledge of the local market is key to a successful farmland sale or purchase.

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Iowa Farmland Steady to Slightly Higher

Farmland values across the state of Iowa inched 1.7% higher on average, according to the annual Iowa State University survey released in mid- December 2020, which compared November 1, 2020 values against a year earlier.

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Farmland Shows Strength Going Into 2021…

If any industry is set up for dealing with the unknown, it’s agriculture. Every year, we deal with both weather and price fluctuations, often with wide variations. And every major disruption gives the ag community the opportunity to learn something,” says Hensley.

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January 2021 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

While most worldwide financial markets endured an incredible roller-coaster ride in 2020, the U.S. farmland markets stayed true to their stable reputation.

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December 2020 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

Our current farmland market has proven to be incredibly resilient, and Iowa farmland values seem to have held their own – and now, values may even be showing a slight turn higher.

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November 2020 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

If you can somehow cut through all the motion and noise coming from the challenges of 2020, you will find that the fundamental drivers of the farmland market have trended positively, at just the right time. 

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