Tax Time – What Farm Owners Need to Know

Want to know how the new tax bill impacts you as a farmland owner? Jeff Troendle, our President of Farm Management, gives a breakdown of the new tax bill.

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Revisiting the Roadman’s

Last Summer, when we talked with Larry Roadman and his family, they were in the early stages of a new conservation program. Today, that program has proven to be successful in the family’s quest for good stewardship. 

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August 2018 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

The 2018 growing season continues across the State of Iowa and the Midwest.  Since spring planting, rainfall patterns have ranged from scarce across much of southern Iowa, to excessive in the north-central and northwest regions, while the east-central region has had average to adequate moisture levels.  

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July 2018 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

Even though the 2018 planting season wasn’t the smoothest in recent memory – with particular struggles in the northern tier of Iowa Counties – our current growing season is well underway, and crops are developing. 

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June 2018 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

The 2018 growing season is officially underway, and the farmland market across the State of Iowa remains stable. 

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May 2018 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

Coming into the new growing season, the farmland market across the State of Iowa remains stable to slightly stronger, depending on geography and farm specifics. 

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Impact of Chinese Retaliatory Proposed Tariffs

China’s Ministry of Trade announced a new 25 percent tariff on U.S. goods including corn, soybeans, beef, pork, ethanol, cars, and chemicals in response to ongoing threats from the Trump Administration to impose tariffs on Chinese products for intellectual property theft. At the same time, Brazil announced a 37 cent per bushel surcharge on soybean exports. 

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