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21 Hertz Farmland Professionals Recognized as Part of RLI’s APEX Producers Club

Hertz Farm Management is proud to announce that twenty-one employees have been recognized as part of the 2022 APEX Producers Club by the REALTORS® Land Institute as a part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report.

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March 2023 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

While there are few new records being set right now, it does seem like there’s more of a leveling off in price action for quality Iowa farms.

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Iowa Farmland Values Hit Record Levels

Iowa farmland values rose 17% in 2022, with an average value of $11,411 per acre, according to the December Land Values Survey conducted by Iowa State University. 

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Dry weather tempers outlook in Western Corn Belt. Farmland values still strong.

Land values remain high in the Kansas City Federal Reserve district, although, drought conditions are moderating the pace of growth, according to the third quarter bank survey released in November.

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Land Values End 2022 at Record Levels – 2023 May Look Different

Headline-grabbing land sales, historically strong grain prices, and solid crop yields pushed land values to record prices in many, if not most, areas in 2022. What will 2023 look like in comparison?

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Record Land Values – Is This Setting Up For A 1980’s Repeat?

The most dramatic crash in Midwestern farmland values occurred in the mid1980s. Are we setting ourselves up to repeat that fall?

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February 2023 Wallace’s Farmer “MarketPlace Extra”

For the first 3 years of the current decade, I would suggest low interest rates, high commodity prices, and an incredible appreciation in land values, as the main themes thus far. Will these themes hold through decade-end and into the future?

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