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Leases and Relationships

 If you own a farm, you own a business. Your farm operator (or tenant) is your business partner. Your lease is your business agreement. 

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Soybean Disease Management

 Let's talk soybean disease management.

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July 2024 Wallace’s Farmer MarketPlace Extra

Despite entering the growing season with a very thin profit forecast, land values thus far have mostly held steady. Strong profits from 2021 – 2023 continue to support purchase decisions, even if made reluctantly. 

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Market Sees Offerings Trending Toward Private Treaties

Discover recent farmland sales in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota, highlighting key transactions, buyer types, and land values. 

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Five Factors that Influence Farmland Values

Explore the key factors influencing farmland values, from commodity prices and interest rates to crop input costs, land sale volume, and local historical wealth. We're breaking down how these elements shape the farmland market and what it means for land prices in 2024.

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Bankers Report Moderate Land Value Growth and Tighter Credit Conditions

Despite high interest rates, farmland values remained stable or slightly increased in early 2024, with Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin showing modest growth. Federal Reserve surveys highlight regional variations, while Creighton University's survey indicates a slowdown in farmland price growth amid declining farm income and higher loan interest rates.

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Cautious Land Market Holding Its Own

Farmland values have remained stable in 2024 despite economic challenges like low commodity prices and high input costs. Doug Hensley, reports cautious optimism as farmers protect finances and the market holds steady amid varying local conditions.

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