Jefferson Co., IA - 740.51 Ac., m/l (180-0057)

CLOSED - Jefferson Co., IA - 740.51 Ac., m/l (180-0057)

740.51 Acres will be offered in 9 Parcels!

CLOSED - Parcel 1 sold for $10,100/Ac.; Parcels 2 and 3 sold for $8,800/Ac.; Parcel 4 sold for $8,100/Ac; Parcel 5 Sold for $6,900/Ac.; Parcel 6 sold for $5,650/Ac.; Parcel 7 sold for $4,550/Ac.; Parcel 8 sold for $4,300/Ac.; Parcel 9 sold for $6,700/Ac. - Closed on 4/6/21

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Location Information

Fir Ave.
Nearest City
Pleasant Plain

Acreage Details: 740.51 (Acres, m/l)

740.51 acres, m/l, located near Pleasant Plain, Iowa, will be offered in nine parcels via Choice and Privilege.

Good-quality Jefferson County, Iowa farms with open leases for the 2021 crop year.  See Individual Auction Items for additional details.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 10:00 a.m.
Virtual Live Auction


Method of Sale
This land will be offered by the Choice and Privilege Method, with the choice to the high bidder to take any individual or combination of parcels. Should the high bidder not select all available parcels, the remaining parcels will be offered with another round of bidding. This process will repeat until all parcels are matched with a high bidder and price. Seller reserves the right to refuse and all bids.