Closed - Winneshiek Co., IA - 160.00 Ac., m/l - 050-1280-02

High-Quality Farmland with CRP Income!

Sold for $13,500/Ac. - Closed on 12/15/23

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Morgan Troendle, AFM

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Location Information

310th Ave.
Nearest City

Acreage Details: 160.00 (Acres, m/l)

Soil Productivity Rating
72.50 CSR2
Tillable Acres
CRP Acres

160.00 ac., m/l, located 5 miles east of Cresco on the east side of 310th Ave.

Farm has125.57 FSA crop acres with a CSR2 of 72.50 and an open lease for 2024. There are an additional 20.55 acres in two CRP contracts:

  • There are 0.37 acres enrolled in a CP-8A contract that pays $111 annually and expires 9/30/27.
  • There are 20.18 acres enrolled in a CP-38E-12 and CP-38E-4D contract that pays $5,212 annually and expires 9/30/32.

Property includes the following improvements:

  • 34' x 40' Barn built in 1960
  • 20' x 50' Utility building built in 1948
  • 18' x 26' Crib built in 1900
  • Salvage dwelling built in 1880

Seller has an additional tract of land located northwest of this property. Click Here for Details!