Closed - Benton Co., IA - 102.66 Ac., m/l (010-2651-01)

High-Quality Farm with House & Timber!

Sold for $1,629,447 - Closed Dec. 2023

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Troy Louwagie, ALC

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Location Information

3227 77th St. Trail
Nearest City

Acreage Details: 102.66 (Acres, m/l)

Soil Productivity Rating
86.20 CSR2
Tillable Acres

102.66 acres, m/l, located 3½ miles west of Fairfax, Iowa on the north side of 77th St. Trail.

This gently rolling farm has 83.18 FSA/Eff. crop acres with a CSR2 of 86.20.

This property includes a ranch-style house, built in 1992, with an attached garage and 912 square feet of finished living space. Two bedrooms and one bathroom are found on the main level and a full basement below.

This is a nice Benton County farm with a comfortable house and an attractive mixture of high-quality cropland and timber.

Seller has an additional tract of land for sale located east of this property. Click Here for Details!