Fayette Co., IA _ 126.42 Ac., m/l (050-1208)

Closed - Fayette Co., IA _ 126.42 Ac., m/l (050-1208)

Beautiful, Income Producing, Recreational Property!

Sold for $5,616.20/ Ac. - Closed on 5/9/23

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Location Information

Deerfield Rd.
Nearest City

Acreage Details: 126.42 (Acres, m/l)

Soil Productivity Rating
68.30 CSR2
CRP Acres

126.42 acres, m/l, located 4 miles northwest of Clermont, IA.  There is a perpetual easement to access this property from Deerfield Rd.

Property is a mix of CRP acres and timber with Fitzgerald Creek running through the property. There are 42.94 acres enrolled in three CRP contracts that expire 9/30/2025 and pay $14,080 annually.  There is also a 1 BR/1 BA hunter's cabin built in 2009 with 704 sq. ft.  Cabin is solar and generator powered.  There is also an 8' x 10' metal shed on the property.

This is a beautiful, well-managed mixed-use farm with high quality soils (CRP acres carry a CSR2 of 68.30), mature timber and creek.