Harrison Co., IA - 4.10 Ac., m/l (000-3859-02)

Harrison Co., IA - 4.10 Ac., m/l (000-3859-02)

One, 2,400 Head Wean-to-Finish Hog Building!


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Kyle Hansen

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Location Information

2636 130th St.
Nearest City

Acreage Details: 4.10 (Acres, m/l)

One, 2,400 head wean-to finish hog building built in 2008 located approximately 9 miles northwest of Woodbine, Iowa at 2636 130th St.

One, 2,400 head wean-to-finish hog building built in 2008. This building is 100’ x 190’ with an 8’ pit. Two, 930 head buildings, built in 1993, complete the site. Both buildings are 40’ x 180’ with 8’ pits and a 2’ plug that flows into the 2008 building. The barns are wood-framed with poured concrete stem, and fully insulated walls. There is a 4’enclosed heated hallway / loadout between barns. An extensive site remodel was done in 2015. Updates were made to the following: ventilation, feeders, vaporizing cool lines, heat, Maximus controllers, LED lighting, and more. Contact agent for detail.

The buildings have the SKOV thermostatically controlled, ceiling mounted 36” and 24” chimney fans, with actuated ceiling mounted air inlets. Each room has 155,000 CFM.

Multiple feed bins of various sizes are on site. PVC flex auger delivers feed to various double sided, SDI stainless steel feeders in the pens.

There are nipple waterers in the feeders. A well is shared between this site and an additional site for sale. Contact agent for detail.

Seller has additional hog buildings for sale in Harrison and Plymouth County. See Hertz website and/or contact agent for details.