CLOSED - Pocahontas Co., IA - 309.25 Ac. (000-3508)

309.25 Acres, m/l, will be offered in 2 Parcels!

Parcel 1 sold for $7,100/Ac-Closed 11/27/19.; Parcel 2 sold for $6,000/Ac. - Closed 11/18/19

Kyle Hansen

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Mike Baltes

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Location Information

Hwy 4 and 430th Ave.
Nearest City

Acreage Details: 309.25 (Acres, m/l)

309.25* acres, m/l, located 2 miles north of Havelock on the west side of Hwy 4.

Parcel 1 has 165 acres, m/l, and has an estimated 147.01 FSA/Eff. crop acres with a CSR2 of 83.1.  There are currently 5.88 estimated acres enrolled in a CP-21 contact that pays $1,764 annually and expires 9/30/27. 

Parcel 2 has 145 acres, m/l, with an estimated 115.57 FSA/Eff. crop acres and a CSR2 of 78.3.  There are currently an estimated 3.2 acres enrolled in a CP-21 contract that pays $960 annually and expires 9/30/27.  There are an additional 2.14 acres enrolled in a CP-8A contract that pays $409 annually and expires 9/30/29.

These are great farms located along Hwy 4 with great soils.

*Surveyed Acres.  Note that acre in video reflect pre-surveyed acres.

Friday, September 20, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Pocahontas County Expo Center
310 NE 1st St.
Pocahontas, IA 50574

Method of Sale
This land will be offered by the Choice and Privilege Method with the choice to the high bidder to take one or both parcels. Should the high bidder not select both parcels, the contending bidder will have the privilege to select the remaining parcel at the high bid. Should the contending bidder elect not to purchase the parcel that remains, the remaining parcel will be offered with another round of bidding.