Marshall/Stark Cos., IL - 368.92 acres, m/l (130-0065/66)

CLOSED - Marshall/Stark Cos., IL - 368.92 acres, m/l (130-0065/66)

368.92 Acres, m/l, will be offered in 4 Parcels!

Parcel 1 sold for $11,500/Ac.; Parcel 2 sold for $10,700/Ac.; Parcel 3 sold for $13,250/Ac.; Parcel 4 sold for $11,000/Ac. - All Sales Closed 10/16/2020

Eric Wilkinson

  • Licensing: Licensed Real Estate Designated Managing Broker in IL, Hertz Real Estate Services
  • 815-671-4175
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Location Information

Co. Rd. 1800E
Nearest City
Camp Grove

Acreage Details: 368.92 (Acres, m/l)

Soil Productivity Rating
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Tillable Acres

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368.92 acres, in 4 parcels, located 1/2 mile north/northwest of Camp Grove, IL bordering Co. Rd. 1800 E/Co. Rd. 000 E.

These farms have a high percentage of tillable acres and excellent-quality productive soils.  There are wind easements on Parcels 1-3.  Contact listing agent for additional details.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
American Legion Post 323
303 Main St.
Henry, IL 61537

Method of Sale
Parcels 1-3 will be offered by the Choice and Privilege Method, with the choice to the high bidder to take any of the three individual parcels or combination of parcels 1-3. Should the high bidder not select all available parcels, the contending bidder will have the privilege to select any or all remaining parcels 1-3 at the high bid figure. Should the contending bidder elect not to purchase all the remaining parcels, the remaining parcels 1-3 will be offered with another round of bidding. This process will repeat until all 3 parcels are matched with a high bidder and price. Then Parcel 4 will be offered as a single tract of land. Sellers reserve the right to refuse any and all bids.

This auction has no online bidding. No registration allowed. To arrange for Remote Bidding, contact the listing agent.