When you’ve been in business for 70 years, you have time to define what you’re good at. The longevity and stability of our company has allowed razor-sharp focus and incredible growth. Our employees are invested in the work we do and continuously update their skills, passing along valuable information and a continuity of support to clients and new staff members alike.

Hertz Farm Management is people-oriented and committed to your satisfaction. Whether we’re visiting your farm, checking in over the phone, or composing your account statement, you’ll find that the work we do is honest, ethical, knowledgeable, and detailed.

  • Frequent farm visits are a priority for our farm managers.
  • Crystal clear communication is executed through timely narrative reports, personal phone calls, detailed reports and regular in-person visits.
  • Client collaboration between the farm manager, farm owner, and farm operator leads to maximized farm profits and prudent stewardship to the land.
  • Accessible accounting, including Bank Account and Income and Expense summaries, allows transparency, ease, and efficiency.
  • Significant customer satisfaction is a priority and a promise when you work with Hertz.