Over 70 Years of Family and Farmland Stewardship

When Carl Hertz started the Carl F. Hertz Farm Management Company in 1946, he built the company based on four values that remain the core of our business today:

  • Integrity – Carl Hertz operated at the highest level of integrity. He insisted that every client receive the highest level of service, advice, communication and commitment his firm could deliver.
  • Customer Focus – Our clients' needs and farm ownership objectives guide the decisions that we make on their behalf.
  • Growth – We focus on helping our clients grow their farm businesses. That emphasis has come back to us, helping us grow in the best way possible, through the satisfaction of our farm partners.
  • Continued Excellence – We strive to improve our understanding of relevant issues and to update our knowledge of new agricultural technology and techniques. Through this focus on excellence, Hertz Farm Management has impacted thousands of farm families, helping them to improve their farming practices, advance their soil stewardship, and increase their incomes.

Carl’s Values Started at Home

A 1934 graduate of Iowa State University, Carl Hertz found himself on the road most of the time for his job a decade later.  His commitment to family led him to make a career decision that would keep him closer to home.  He recalls that time in this way: 

“In the fall of 1945, with our son, Tom, now a year old, my wife, Marjory, and I took a long, hard look at my travel schedule with Doane. I was on a train to somewhere way too often, and I needed to be home more to see my children grow up.  All of us enjoyed the farm, and we all needed to enjoy it together.   My twelve years with Doane Agricultural Services had been fruitful.  D. Howard Doane had been an excellent mentor and I had learned much about professional farm management under his tutelage.  It was time to make a career move.  With Marjory’s support I felt confident that I could further the professional farm management profession under my own banner.  My last day with Doane was February 28, 1946 and on March 1, 1946 the doors to Carl F. Hertz Farm Management Company officially opened in Nevada, Iowa.”

After becoming one of the first Accredited Farm Managers in the United States, Hertz had founded what would become the premier professional farm management firm in Iowa. Hertz Farm Management today exemplifies his unwavering commitment to his family, the land, and an undisputed level of excellence for the farms entrusted to our team.

Hertz Farm Management Continues to Deliver Service with Integrity

Decades later, Hertz Farm Management remains committed to the highest quality, integrity and personal service available. The Hertz team works to help our clients profit from their farm or agricultural investment, providing a full spectrum of services that include professional farm management, real estate sales, auctions, acquisitions, and farm appraisals.

Customer Focus

Today's farm investors, heirs, and trust managers want more than just someone to simply “keep an eye on the place.” That’s why we base our decisions on our clients' personal goals and objectives of farm ownership. We believe in stewardship, sustainability, and working together to meet their needs, delivering excellent results with consistency and integrity.

Mutual Growth

Carl Hertz believed in building a company with people who embody the right attitude, the right experience, and the right kind of heart – values that hold true today. We have grown to manage over 2,400 farms consisting of over 550,000 acres throughout the Midwest, primarily through the referrals of satisfied clients and ag-related businesses. Clients continue to applaud our prompt, personalized service and share their outstanding impression and tangible results with friends and colleagues. 

Continued Excellence

We seek expert understanding of relevant issues and to update our knowledge of new agricultural technology and techniques. This helps Hertz Farm Management maintain a competitive advantage for our clients, by efficiently and profitably helping them adjust to changes within agriculture. While holding true to our roots as a one-man office committed to family and excellence, Hertz Farm Management has grown to a management and investment service with a staff of over 100 professionals and offices throughout the Midwest.

Almost 40 years after acquiring the Cornell College account, one of the Cornell College Board of Trustee members was quoted in our Ag Update as saying, 

“They are real stewards of the land and I believe their reputation for land stewardship plus their overall professionalism account for several more farms being given to the Cornell Endowment. People feel comfortable giving their farms to the college because they know the farms will be cared for properly.  Obviously it is extremely important to select operators who will treat the land as if it is their own.  You only have to look at the tenure of the majority of operators of the Cornell farms to see that Hertz made some very wise choices over the years.”

Hertz Farm Management continues the values Carl instilled in the company from the very beginning – a philosophy based on values, a commitment to growth and an ongoing focus on excellence.